“What I most need to do is record experiences, not in the order in which they took place, for that is history, but in the order in which they first became significant for me…everything depends on our interpretation of the silence around us…” Lawrence Durrell, Justine

“Some people can sum up their lives on a business card; Robert Millis needs a whole deck, full sized, both faces of each playing card, and you’re still liable to miss something while he shuffles. Filmmaker, photographer, guerrilla ethnographer, collector and sharer of 78 RPM records, weaver of multi-layered ambiences, improviser, annotator, jokester, traveler…” Bill Meyer, Dusted

I use 78rpm records and Edison cylinders, talking machines and gramophones to create both new compositions and historical compilations.

This work follows two threads: experimental and traditional. By experimental I mean an interest in electronic sound, collage, founds sounds, resonance, and feedback. By traditional I mean an interest in folk music, ecstatic music, acoustic sounds, field recording, and oral traditions.

To my ears there is not always a huge difference between these threads: there is a joy in sound for sound’s sake, a fascination with textures, an interest in languages, voices, and stories known, unknown and unknowable. Definitions are not always easy or precise. My interest in early recording often bridges these seemingly disparate directions.

I play guitar too. It is generally an attempt to communicate an inability to communicate.
millis 2015