Founded in 1993 by myself and Jeffery Taylor, Climax Golden Twins composed the score to the cult horror film Session 9 as well as releasing many CDs and LPs on a variety of labels including Scratch, Fire Breathing Turtle, Meme and Anomalous Records. For a time we combined with Seattle’s AFrames to make AFCGT who released several records, including this one on Subpop. Climax Golden Twins is still active, but moving at our preferred glacial pace.

Climax Golden Twins performing in Paris, 2007
photo: Linda Peschong

Climax Golden Twins discography:

“Chinese” (track on Wire Tapper 22, The Wire 308, UK, 2009)

EF (LP, Etude Records, Toronto, 2009) reissue of cassette from 1993

Journal of Popular Noise (EP, NY, 2008)

Five Cents A Piece (LP, Abduction Records, Seattle, WA, 2007)

Climax Golden Twins (LP, Conspiracy Records, Belgium, 2006)

B Side (three inch CD, Testing Ground, Spain, 2005)

Highly Bred and Sweetly Tempered (CD, NEI Recordings, 2004)

“Relinquish” (Compilation track, Xing Wu Records, Singapore, 2004)

Climax Golden Twins Live in the 21st Century (CDR, Kabukikore Records, UK, 2004)

Lovely (CD, Anomalous Records, 2002)

Session 9 (CD, Milan International/USA Films, 2001)

Climax Golden Twins (CD and LP, Fire Breathing Turtle Records, Since 1972, 2001)

Dream Cut Short in the Mysterious Clouds (CD/LP, Meme, Japan, 2000)

Climax Golden Twins Live 4 LP set, volumes I-IV (10 inch LPs, Anomalous Records 1999-2000, also issued on cassette)

Climax Golden Twins (Locations) (CD, Fire Breathing Turtle Records, 1998)

Climax Golden Twins (7 inch, RoadCone Records, 1996)

Imperial Household Orchestra (CD, Scratch Records, 1996)

Climax Golden Twins(three inch CD, Fire Breathing Turtle Records, 1995)

Climax Golden Twins(2 x 7 inch, Fire Breathing Turtle Records, 1994)


Get Unback (digital, 2020)

AFCGT (LP with bonus 7 inch, Subpop Records, Seattle, 2010)

“Clock” (compilation track on Portable Shrines: Magic Sound Theater, 2010)

Decomposer (Puget Power 5, 7 inch, Regal Select, 2009)

AFCGT (LP, Uzu Audio, Canada, 2008)

AFCGT (10 inch LP, Dirty Knobby Recordings, Seattle, 2008)