A Slightly Curving Place (Concrete, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, 2022)

Wayward in Limbo (Non-Sequitur, Seattle, WA, USA 2020)

A Slightly Curving Place (HKW, Berlin, Germany, 2020)

Detritus Festival (Onassis Cultural Center, Athens, Greece, 2018)

The Gramophone Effect (Documenta 14, Athens, Greece/Kassel, Germany, 2017) in collaboration with Gilles Aubry

The Music Room (HKW, Berlin, Germany, 2016)

Indian Talking Machine Video (HKW, Berlin, Germany, 2016)

Tagore In Seattle (Wing Luke Museum, University of Washington and Sammamish City Hall, WA, 2016)

Red Earth, Gold Gate, Shadow Sky (ACT and UW Theater, Seattle, WA, directed by Victor Pappas, 2015) Score and sound design

Jewel of the Ear (Deutschland Radio, Berlin, 2015) in collaboration with Gilles Aubry

Drawing the Tiger (Non Fiction Media, 2015, directed by Amy Benson and Scott Squire) feature documentary score

A Moroccan Anthology of Ears  (Institut Francais de Marrakech, 2014)

The Possible (Berkley Art Museum, Berkley, CA, 2014) in collaboration with Alan Bishop

From The Household of HH The Maharajah Sir Jotendro Mohan Tagore (Fundacion Botin, Villa Iris, Santander, Spain, 2013)

Venison Eaters (short, Run and Gun Films, 2013) Score

Within/Without (artXchange gallery, Seattle, WA, 2012) in collaboration with June Sekiguchi

Fragments (of a Story)  (Jack Straw New Media Gallery, Seattle, WA, 2011)

Chained (Myriad Pictures/Envision Media, 2012, directed by Jennifer Lynch) feature film score

Drift Away (short film, Jean-Julien Pous, 2010) Score

Little Hunger (acornDance, choreography by Aiko Kinoshita, Seattle, WA 2010) Score

Kent Parks/Sweet Gum Pods (Cyrus Khambatta Dance Company, Seattle, WA 2010) live score

Drawing on the River (St. Johns, Cathedral Park, Oregon, 2008) Collaboration with artist Donald Fels

Geo Phono Box: Sonic Surveys of Place (Around the Coyote Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2007)

Take One (Glassell Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2006)

Billy in the Low Ground (Punch Gallery, Seattle, WA, 2006) Collaboration with artists Mary Simpson and Fionn Meade

In Resonance (One Reel/Bumbershoot, Seattle, WA, 2005) sound art exhibition curator

The Mangler Reborn (Lionsgate, 2005) feature film score

Hello Central, Give Me Heaven, Hello Central, Give Me No Man’s Land (Tollbooth Gallery, Tacoma Contemporary, Tacoma, WA, 2004) Collaboration with artists Mary Simpson and Fionn Meade

Ten Years of Music and Design (Priceless Works Gallery, Seattle, WA, 2004) Climax Golden Twins retrospective installation

Voluntary Observers (Bellevue Art Museum, 2001) Collaboration with artists Jeffery Taylor and Donald Fels, as artists-in-residence

Session 9 (USA Films/Focus Features, 2001, directed by Brad Anderson) feature film score

What We Are No Longer Here (Tradewinds Dance Project, Seattle/Tokyo/Chicago, 2001) score

Bryan Ohno Gallery: Lovely (Bryan Ohno Gallery, Seattle, WA 1999)

Le Tonnare (Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, WA, 1998) Collaboration with artist Donald Fels

Jesse Paul Miller: Secret Records (7 inch, Fire Breathing Turtle Records, 1997) Produced and assisted with design on special edition of artist records

Seven Ply: Plywood and Memory (Bellevue Art Museum, 1997) Collaboration with artist Donald Fels


What + Robert Millis: Live at the Good Shepherd Chapel (cassette, Sound Holes, 2023)

Climax Golden Twins (2xLP, Fire Breathing Turtle, 2022)

A Magnetic Road To Hell (cassette in collaboration with Bardo Todol, Discrepant, 2022)

Esotismo (double 7 inch collaboration with Ear Explorer, Pescheria Alessi, 2022)

Idol Ko Si: Volumes I-V (digital, 2018-2022)

Sound Storing Machines: The 1st 78rpm Records from Japan 1903-1912  (LP, Sublime Frequencies, 2021)

Related Ephemera (LP, Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2020)

Telescoping (digital, 2020)

Paris to Calcutta: Men and Music on the Desert Road (book, 4 CDs, Sublime Frequencies, 2018)

Robert Millis/Wica Intina (cassette, Meliphonic Records, 2018)

Where The Mountains Meet The Sky: Folk Music of Ladakh (LP, Sublime Frequencies, 2017) producer/designer

Noise May Provoke Hornet Attacks: field recording and 78rpm records from Sri Lanka and India (cassette, Power Moves Excavation Series, 2017)

The Lonesome High (LP, Abduction Records, 2016)

Indian Talking Machine (book, 2 CDs, Sublime Frequencies, 2015)

The Travelling Archive:Folk Music From Bengal (LP Sublime Frequencies, 2014) producer

rmillis relief (LP, Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2013)

rmillis: reforms (cassette, Alterity 101, 2013)

The Crying Princess: 78rpm Records from Burma (LP, Sublime Frequencies, 2013)

Scattered Melodies: Korean Kayagum Sanjo from 78rpm Records (LP, Sublime Frequencies, 2013)

…i listen to the wind that obliterates my traces (Book/double CD, Dust-to-Digital, 2011) producer, editor

120 (CD, Etude Records, 2009)

Victrola Favorites (Book/double CD, Dust to Digital, Atlanta, GA, 2008) In collaboration with Jeffery Taylor. Originally a series of ten cassettes.

Harmika Yab Yum: Folk Sounds from Nepal (CD, Sublime Frequencies, 2005)

Leaf Music Drunks Distant Drums: Recordings from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar (CD, Anomalous Records, 2004)

The Phonographer’s Union: Live on Sonarchy Radio (CD, Accretions, 2004)

RMillis/JTaylor (Cassette, Since 1972 Recordings, 2003)


“Chinese” (track on Wire Tapper 22, The Wire 308, UK, 2009)

Eerie Fragrance (LP, Etude Records, Toronto, 2009) reissue of EF cassette from 1995

Journal of Popular Noise (EP, NY, 2008)

Five Cents A Piece (LP, Abduction Records, Seattle, WA, 2007)

Climax Golden Twins (LP, Conspiracy Records, Belgium, 2006)

B Side (three inch CD, Testing Ground, Spain, 2005)

Highly Bred and Sweetly Tempered (CD, NEI Recordings, 2004)

“Relinquish” (Compilation track, Xing Wu Records, Singapore, 2004)

Climax Golden Twins Live in the 21st Century (CDR, Kabukikore Records, UK, 2004)

Lovely (CD, Anomalous Records, 2002)

Session 9 (CD, Milan International/USA Films, 2001)

Climax Golden Twins (CD and LP, Fire Breathing Turtle Records, Since 1972, 2001)

Dream Cut Short in the Mysterious Clouds (CD/LP, Meme, Japan, 2000)

Climax Golden Twins Live 4 LP set, volumes I-IV (10 inch LPs, Anomalous Records 1999-2000, also issued on cassette)

Climax Golden Twins (Locations) (CD, Fire Breathing Turtle Records, 1998)

Climax Golden Twins (7 inch, RoadCone Records, 1996)

Imperial Household Orchestra (CD, Scratch Records, 1996)

Climax Golden Hiss (cassette, Union Pole Tapes, 1995)

Climax Golden Twins (three inch CD, Fire Breathing Turtle Records, 1995)

EF (cassette, EF Tapes, 1995) Eyeless Fabrication, Eerie Fragrance, Exclude Frank, etc…

Climax Golden Twins (2 x 7 inch, Fire Breathing Turtle Records, 1994)


Messenger Girls Trio: Excelsior Salon Trio (LP with bonus 7 inch, Uzu Audio, Canada, 2010)

Messenger Girls Trio (LP, Anomalous Records, 2002)


Get Unback (digital, 2020)

AFCGT (LP with bonus 7 inch, Subpop Records, Seattle, 2010)

“Clock” (compilation track on Portable Shrines: Magic Sound Theater, 2010)

Decomposer (Puget Power 5, 7 inch, Regal Select, 2009)

AFCGT (LP, Uzu Audio, Canada, 2008)

AFCGT (10 inch LP, Dirty Knobby Recordings, Seattle, 2008)


Unlocking Hidden Histories  (The Sound Projector, Winter 2023)

A Slightly Curving Place (exhibition catalog, alserkal arts foundation, 2022)

Personal Experience in Music (Studio Voice, Japan, Fall 2019).

Epiphanies (The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music, Fall 2018). Column and playlist on Indian music.

Paris to Calcutta: Men and Music on the Desert Road (book, 4 CDs, Sublime Frequencies, 2018)

Pop 16: 100 Years of Recorded Sound (House of World Culture, Berlin, exhibition catalog, 2016) photo essay

Indian Talking Machine (book, 2 CDs, Sublime Frequencies, 2015)

BF Shelton and Oh Molly Dear The Travelling Archive 2014 essay

A New Note in the Melody, or the Sidewalk Blues La presencia del sonido (Fundacion Botin, exhibition catalog, 2013) essay

…i listen to the wind that obliterates my traces (Book/double CD, Dust-to-Digital, 2011)  Produced and edited vernacular photo/music book by artist Steve Roden

VAK Ranga Rao: Touched in the Head  (Yeti Publishing, 2010) interview

Marefumi Komura: End Loop (Hamlet Publishing, Tokyo, Japan, 2010) liner notes

Take Me To The Water (Linderman/Ledbetter, Dust to Digital, 2009) editing, design

Victrola Favorites (Book/double CD, Dust to Digital, Atlanta, GA, 2008) in collaboration with Jeffery Taylor

Indian Record Collectors: Suresh Chandvankar (Perfect Sound Forever, 2008) interview

Regular columns on 78rpm history for Bixobal:

Talking Machine: Korean Kayagum Sanjo (Bixobal 1, 2007)

Talking Machine: Musings on the Phonograph (Bixobal 2, 2008)

Talking Machine: Record Hunting in India: Sub Continent Fab (Bixobal 3, 2008)

Talking Machine: Farewell Blues (Bixobal 5, 2008)

Calling Doctor Bombay: A Condensed Travelogue (Bananafish 12, 1998) essay


Drawing the Tiger (feature documentary, directed by Amy Benson and Scott Squire, Non Fiction Media, 2015) Score

Venison Eaters (short, Run and Gun Films, 2013) Score

Chained (Myriad Pictures/Envision Media, 2012, directed by Jennifer Lynch) Score

This World Is Unreal Like A Snake In A Rope (feature documentary, 2011) director

My Friend Rain (feature documentary, DVD on Sublime Frequencies, 2010) director

Drift Away (short film, Jean-Julien Pous, 2010) Score

Phi Ta Khon: Ghosts of Isan (feature documentary, DVD on Sublime Frequencies, 2006) director

Spirit House (short, Sublime Frequencies, 2006) director

Stealing Rich (feature film, directed by Stephen Goodlad, Visual Image Pictures, 2006)

The Mangler Reborn (feature film, Lionsgate, 2005) Score

Nat Pwe: Burma’s Carnival of Spirit Soul (feature documentary, Sublime Frequencies 2003)

Session 9 (feature film USA Films/Focus Features 2001) Score


John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship 2020 recipient

U.S.-Japan Creative Artists Fellowship 2019 recipient

Syros Sound Meetings: Sounding Paths 2017 research residency in Syros, Greece

Pro Helvetia  2015-16 Five weeks research in India in collaboration with Gilles Aubry.

Institut Francais de Marrakech 2014 research residency in Morocco

Foundation for Contemporary Arts 2014

Khoj International Artists Association, 2013Delhi, India

Fulbright Senior Research Award 2012-2013 India

Jack Straw New Media Gallery and Artist Support 2011 recipient, Seattle, WA

ASCAP Ascaplus Award 2007-2011 recipient (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)

Association of Recorded Sound Collections 2008 finalist (for Victrola Favorites)

Artist Trust Grants for Artists Projects 2008 recipient

Artist Trust Fellowship 2005 recipient

Artist in Residence 2001 Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA


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