Sounding Paths Residency

Composed during Syros Sound Meetings’ Sounding Paths Residency (Ano Syros, Greece, July 2017) from recordings made in and around the island of Syros, paying special attention to the wind, to voices, and to odd interior resonances (drainpipes, wells, cupboards, small rooms, desks, bookshelves, drawers): including various catholic and byzantine churches, the Jesuit monastery, the local record store, and the Markos Vamvakaris museum. These field recordings were manipulated alongside improvisations on a small portable wind up gramophone. The video uses mostly still images of textures (weathered old records, weathered walls, windows, decay, etc) taken on the island.

A way to search for meeting points between the more earthly concerns of rembetika (as represented by Markos Vamvakaris, born on Syros) and the more heavenly pursuits of an island dominated by Catholic churches; a way to begin to scratch the surface of the first recordings made in Greece and the impact of its record industry on music and musicians; and finally a way to think about the past in the present, archiving, preservation, memory and forgetting.

Special thanks to Eva Matsigkou and Ioanna Gerakidi for their voices and on the fly translations and to Rachael Finney for tape fuckery.